Martijn Gastkemper

Back-end developer @grrr_nl, Blood donor @sanquin

About me

With this website I test and explore tech. Some things this website uses: AWS, Terraform, ReportURI, Tor, CSS.

Blog posts

From time to time I write a blog post. Mostly on the GRRR tech blog.


In 2017 I wrote a blog post about Tor websites. I setup a Tor server as an example:



To give you an overview and remind future me: a diagram to show the moving parts of this website.

Overview of AWS resources

HTTP visitor AWS CloudFront will serve the files from an S3 bucket. CSP, STS and some other headers are added by an AWS Lambda function. It modifies the origin-response when CloudFront retrieves an object from S3.

Tor visitor An AWS EC2 spot instance runs an Nginx server and tor. I use spot instances because the uptime of the website is not very important. But when a spot instance is terminated by AWS I want to boot a new one when available. AWS Auto scaling does that for me. It boots with a AMI which contains Nginx and tor, after booting a cloud-init script fetches the tor keys and hostname from AWS Secrets manager.


Something made with darklang.

This has been pressed times.